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Wendee has been included in a new book titled "The Jazz Singers - The Ultimate Guide", written by Scott Yanow! The Jazz Singers is an overview of the great vocalists who have sung jazz. You can check it out and order it at: Backbeat Books

"Wendee Glick works with a small ensemble that lets her swing gently. Her voice lets each ballad shimmer in the moonlight, while each up-tempo romp swings with clarity. There’s a resonant quality in her voice that says, “Relax, everything’s natural, and it’s time to open up.”
Jim Santella, All About Jazz 3/24/06
Read the article from All About Jazz

"There's something mysterious and sexy about that randomness and eclectic nature of jazz, and the same can be said of Nashua resident Wendee Glick... Glick's voice is masterful throughout the album. She's able to instill her own beauty and style into songs that have been sung for years and make them seem fresh again."
Richie Victorino, Hippo Press 9/22/05 Read the article from The Hippo Press

"Both of Glick's discs are chockablock with standards, in each case a carefully chosen mix of swing tunes, ballads, and a bit of Latin. ...it's Glick's three-octave vocal range and the joy that using it brings her that keep her moonlighting as a jazz singer"
Bob Buettler, Boston Globe 7/1/05 Read the article from The Boston Globe

"I noticed a big improvement every year in her performing - her singing ability and her way of reaching an audience and all... So when she called me to make a CD with her, I was happy to do it, because I thought she was a promising talent. I enjoyed making the CD with her, and I think she sounded great."
Eddie Higgins 7/2005

"It is always enjoyable to discover new jazz talent. It was immediately obvious, listening to Wendee Glick's debut CD Baby, I'm Fine when it was released a couple years ago, that she was an up-and-comer, and that feeling has been reinforced by her follow-up True Colors. She has a beautiful voice, swings at all tempos, improvises with subtlety and taste, and knows how to uplift superior material."
Scott Yanow, Author of Books on Jazz, Los Angeles, CA 7/31/05

"Wendee sings from the heart. Her enthusiasm for music, and specifically this selection of songs bubbles right to the surface."
Winthrop Bedford - Jazz Improv, Vol 4, No 2, 2003

"This girl can sing!... Very exciting!!"
Red Holloway - Jazz Saxophonist, November 2003

"...the infectiousness of her singing, her joy in the enterprise becoming evident to anyone who listens to her..."
Bill Donaldson - Cadence Magazine, September 2003

"Glick shines on music of all tempos... The more we listened, the more we liked."
D. Oscar Groomes - O's Place Jazz Newsletter, Maplewood, NJ, March 2003

"Talented, charismatic jazz singer with a roaring voice"
Bradley Torreano - All Music Guide, December 2002

"Wendee's phrasing and sense of swing make her a welcome addition to that short list of vocalists who care about nuance."
Joe Lang - VP, New Jersey Jazz Society, July 2002

"Wendee has a voice that will be in demand. Her treatment of the old standards is refreshing..."
C. Vincent Haynes - Former VP, Boston Jazz Society, July 2002

"I can hear a lot of soul... something only the best singers possess."
Paul Nagy - Pittsburgh Jazz Society, July 2002

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